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Who Are We?

Have you ever found yourself curious about BestCarShipping.com? As seasoned experts, we share your frustration with the lack of transparency in the car shipping industry. While the B2B sector operates like a well-oiled machine, the B2C segment often appears disorganized and opaque.

In the vast world of auto transportation, there are many exceptional brokers and shippers. Our mission at BestCarShipping.com is to shine a spotlight on these industry leaders. Unfortunately, it’s also an industry fraught with companies that distort, manipulate, or downright falsify the truth.

A simple Google search for “car shipping” or “auto transport” makes it abundantly clear: everyone claims to be an expert and promises the moon and the stars.

Our team at BestCarShipping.com is committed to debunking myths and providing honest information. We firmly believe that transparency can foster a triple-win situation for car shippers, brokers, and carriers alike.

Our Site Policies:

Disclosure: For full transparency, our site contains affiliate links for tracking purposes. If you choose to click on these links, we might earn a small commission. We believe it’s crucial to make this clear – we’re not here to conceal any aspect of our operation. As highlighted in our disclosure document, partnerships do not influence our reviews and editorials. We’re not for sale; we’re industry professionals passionate about bringing clarity to the increasingly complex world of car shipping. We already have day jobs. This is a passion project for people who have seen car shipping become more and more confusing.

Privacy: Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to understand how we handle your data. We make every effort to learn more about our site visitors’ behavior. If you’re providing your information on our site, rest assured we’re using it responsibly. We’re dedicated to ensuring you know exactly how your information is utilized.

We appreciate your visit to our site. If you have suggestions for improvements or identify gaps, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re here to serve you better.