Carrier Communication: What You Can Expect

Your vehicle has been dispatched to a carrier! Congratulations! Now what? Keep reading to learn what to expect when communicating with your carrier. Carrier communication is key!

When Will Your Carrier Communicate With You?

Once you’re dispatched out to a carrier, you will receive the carrier’s contact info. The carrier will also receive your contact info. The carrier may reach out immediately, but they may not. Don’t be alarmed if the carrier does not call you immediately. If you would like, you can also reach out to the carrier to introduce yourself. Sometimes you will have to be patient when waiting to hear back from a carrier.

Your carrier will also reach out to you 24 hours before pick up and delivery to notify you of their estimated pick up or delivery time the next day.

How Do Carriers Communicate?

Carriers communicate by text, email, and phone calls. If you have a preference on how you would like to communicate, let them know. Don’t get upset if they don’t remember to text instead of call. Many of their conversations are while they are driving when texting is illegal. Additionally, they may not be in a position to take notes when you are talking to them.

As long as they are communicating with you in some form, consider that a win.

What To Do If You Can't Reach Your Carrier?

Don’t panic if you can’t reach your carrier. There are many reasons why you may not be able to reach your carrier. It could be because they’re loading or unloading a vehicle. Depending on their driving schedule, it could also be because they’re asleep. If you’ve worked with a broker, you can also reach out to them to help get in touch with the carrier.


Carriers will communicate with you to coordinate the pickup and delivery of your vehicle. If you do not hear from them immediately after dispatch, be patient. They may not be in a position to talk. And you can always reach out to your broker if you need more immediate assistance.