Finding a "Full Package" Car Shipping Company

Car shipping companies come in all shapes and sizes. From small local transport companies to industry giants, car shipping companies are finding new and creative ways of getting your vehicle from Point A to Point B.

No matter the service type you’re looking for, shipping with a full package auto transport company will give you peace of mind and ensure a smooth shipping process from start to finish. Here’s everything you need to know about full-package auto shipping companies, what to look for when hiring one, and the best companies on the market today.

What is a “Full Package” Car Shipping Company?

A “Full Package” company will provide you with everything you need from the beginning of the shipping process all the way through the delivery of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Carriers will have insurance to protect the vehicles on their trucks. However, their insurance only covers what the carrier is directly responsible for. That means that any damage due to natural disasters or rocks flying up from the road won’t be covered by the carriers’ insurance.

Make sure your car shipping partner explains this to you and see if they offer any type of GAP coverage to further protect your vehicle.

Door-to-Door Pickup and Delivery

Door-to-door car shipping is a hassle-free way to ship a car. Open car shipping is the most cost-effective way of getting a car moved from one location to another door-to-door. Enclosed car shipping is the most secure type of service for door-to-door transport. This type of service ensures that your car remains enclosed throughout transport. Additionally, customers must be present when using door-to-door car transport.

Open or enclosed carrier services

Open transport services allow drivers to ship their car with the open top or cargo exposed to the elements, such as weather and road debris. By contrast, enclosed transport services protect cars from external elements and facilitate safe and easy transportation, but end up costing more.

Deciding between open transport and enclosed transport service depends on a variety of factors, such as cost and car requirements. For example, open transport may be more cost-effective for people who want to ship their car quickly and are not worried that damage will occur, as most of the time, there is no damage to vehicles going open transport. On the other hand, an enclosed transport service is recommended for people who need to ship a car that requires extra security and protection from outside elements. Whether open or enclosed transport service is best for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Upfront Pricing with No Hidden Fees

Car Shipping is a tax-free industry, don’t let a shipping company add on “fees” at the last minute without knowing exactly what those fees are for.

Experienced, Professional Drivers and Staff

Full package car shipping companies use experienced and professional carriers to transport cars from one location to another. They use professional carriers to transport the car in a safe and efficient way. Drivers working for full-package car shipping companies must meet high carrier vetting standards and are generally required to have relevant experience before they can work with the best brokers. With this in mind.

This allows you to ensure the carrier is able to meet your needs and deliver on their promised service.

What To Look For in a Car Shipping Company

When choosing a car shipping company, it’s important to consider several factors to find the best car shipping company for your needs.

Customer Experience

There are a number of car shipping companies to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Shipping companies can be broadly classified as brokers, marketplaces, or carriers. Each type of company offers different levels of customer service. It is important to do thorough research before making a decision about which car shipping company to use. Ratings for car shipping companies are based on customer surveys, reputation, price, and services offered. It is best to choose a company with a good track record and a proven customer service approach. Your car shipping rep should be with you throughout the shipping process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Special Offers and Features

There is a range of car shipping companies offering diverse services and pricing options to suit different needs. Auto transport brokers, marketplaces, and carriers all offer different benefits.

Ask your service reps what offers or discounts they can offer you when shipping your vehicle.

Flexible Payment Options

When it comes to shipping a car, it’s important to find a company that offers flexible payment options. Some companies allow customers to pay for their shipping costs with a credit card or other form of payment, while others may provide payment options such as PayPal or money order.

When searching for a car shipping company, consider their pickup options and pricing structure. Some companies offer different pricing tiers, depending on the type of service and convenience level preferred by the customer. For example, some companies may offer Standard shipping at a lower cost but with additional restrictions or complications, whereas other companies may provide Priority shipping at a higher cost but with fewer restrictions. Overall, finding a car shipping company that offers the right service at the right price is critical for moving your vehicle from one location to another quickly and safely.

Transparency About the Industry

The car shipping industry may be more complicated than you initially anticipated. Make sure that your car shipping partner is willing to take the time to explain the industry and how best to navigate it. Don’t let them give you a price and rush you off the phone.

Top Rated Full Package Auto Transport Companies

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There are a number of car shipping companies that promise to provide you with a seamless shipping experience. However, not all car shipping companies are created equal. While some companies offer you low-cost shipping options and flexible pricing plans, others don’t. Before choosing a car shipping company for your vehicle, it’s vital to understand the industry better. We’ve done the research for you and have listed down a few car shipping companies that offer comprehensive insurance coverage, door-to-door pickup and delivery, open and enclosed carrier services, and more. Get started with car shipping today!