Ultimate Transport 123

We included Ultimate Transport 123 in our list of companies to mix things up. They did not make our top 5 companies (or even top 10), but they often appear throughout the internet when searching for car shipping. We want to make sure to put some extra light on them and share what we have found.

Who is Ultimate Transport 123?

  • Registered Name with the US Department of Transportation: Ultimate Services Nationwide Inc.
  • Company Address: 1614 Grand Ave, North Baldwin, NY 11510
  • Business telephone: (888) 885-9123. Customer line (888) 666-8929.
  • FMCSA Registation can be seen here. US DOT# 2247479. MC# 724477.
  • Surety Bonding Agent: United States Fire Insurance Co. for $75,000.

Ultimate Transport 123 Reviews

  • Ultimate Transport 123’s rating of 3.6 average on Google is the lowest rating from all of the companies we have looked at.
  • They have an B rating the on Better Business Bureau and are not accredited. Neglecting this channel of customer feedback and complaint may be an issue. They used to be Auto Transport 123 with a C+ on the BBB.
  • On TransportReviews.com, an industry website that validates reviewers’ email addresses for accuracy, Ultimate Transport 123 ranks #3 for 2022. Clearly they have focused on this feedback avenue for their customers.
  • On Central Dispatch, where carriers and brokers rate each other, Ultimate Transport 123 has a 100% rating on 3321 responses. This indicates good business dealings with partners, not just customers.

Interacting with Ultimate Transport 123 as a Customer

From the reviews we saw, we were not sure what we would encounter shopping with them. Here is how it went:

Website and Emails

Ultimate Transport 123’s website left a lot to be desired. It seems to be a much less modern approach vs. our Top 5 companies. The quote experience is not very user friendly, and no instant rates are provided. It took about an hour for an email to be received, and even then, no rate was given. The email simply directed the customer back to their website in order to view the quoted rate.

Calls and Texts

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Ultimate Transport 123's Important Standouts

They have the same standard options like door-to-door and open and enclosed trailers. Let’s look at the things that stood out to us:

  • Extended office hours: Monday – Friday 8a-9p, Saturday 8a-7p, Sunday 10a-10p EST. This is better coverage than most brokers.
  • They have an ‘Insurance’ button on their homepage that links to their broker bond. They go on to claim they have multiple insurance policies to cover shippers, and that 70% of auto transport companies are under or not insured. The broker bond is a legal requirement from the US Department of Transportation for ALL brokers. It is only used in the event that the broker breaches their duty to customers or carriers, at which point they can sue for value from it. The claim that most don’t have insurance is, from our experience, completely inaccurate. This page seems disingenuous as it tries to assuage shippers fears by being somewhat dodgy about the facts.
  • According to the T&C, there is a $100 processing fee if you cancel with them once you place an order. Should you list with a competitor within 7 days after cancelling, they keep your entire deposit.
  • There are logos like NBC, Rolls Royce, CBS, and ABC on the homepage, but we cannot figure out why…  inquiring minds want to know!

Final Thoughts about Ultimate Transport 123

We think the reviews speak for themselves. Their reviews under their old name or new are pretty bad, and their current website struggles to authentically convey a real value proposition. We think you would be better served visiting the car shipping companies listed in our top 5.