Montway Auto Transport Review 2024

Montway is your one of top choices for auto shipping. With a stellar reputation, competitive pricing, comprehensive services, and superior customer experience, they excel in the industry. Montway offers generous insurance coverage, serves all 50 states, and simplifies the process with an instant quote calculator.
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Company Background and Experience

Montway, founded in 2006, is a prominent car shipping broker in the U.S. With operations in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and the United States, Montway is a dominant force within the industry.  They employ a large workforce across three countries to assist thousands of customers yearly. In our review of Montway, we will explore exactly who they are, what customers think of them, and our thoughts after digging into them.

Who is Montway Auto Transport?

  • Registered Name with the US Department of Transportation: Montway LLC (dba Montway Auto Transport)
  • Company Address: 425 N Martingale Suite 550, Schaumburg IL 60173
  • Business telephone: (224) 220-0221. Customer line (888) 666-8929.
  • FMCSA Registation can be seen here. US DOT# 2239816. MC# 611862.
  • Surety Bonding Agent: Pacific Financial Association, Inc. for $75,000.  NOTE: as of 2/8/23 they have a pending cancellation.

Industries Montway Auto Transport Serves

Auto Dealerships

Montway streamlines customer service, making vehicle transportation a hassle-free process. This ensures that your customers receive their vehicles promptly, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Auto Auctions

Montway's services prioritize transport speed and efficiency, ensuring that vehicles are transported to and from auctions with minimal delay. This helps in optimizing auction operations.

Rental Car Companies

Montway assists rental car companies with scaled inventory management. You can efficiently move your rental fleet, helping you better manage your vehicle inventory.

Exclusive Discounts from Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport extends a special discount to retired and active military members. Research the specific deals available through Montway Auto Transport, which may cover aspects such as storage and car shipping. 

Promo Codes

Numerous promo codes are accessible online to help you secure a more budget-friendly price for car shipping. Search online to discover applicable promo codes that align with your budget.

Additional Montway Discounts

While Montway Auto Transport may not provide an extensive range of discounts, there are other potential cost-saving opportunities to explore:

  • Cash Discount: Opt for paying your bill in cash rather than using a credit card or check to save money on your shipping costs.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: If you need to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously, Montway offers a discount that can result in cost savings per vehicle.
  • Returning Customer Discount: Some returning customers may qualify for a discount on their shipping services, rewarding loyalty and repeat business.

Montway Auto Transport also offers a variety of other shipping options, including:

This is the most affordable shipping option, but it does not protect your vehicle from the elements.

This is a more expensive option, but it protects your vehicle from the elements.

Your vehicle will be picked up and delivered to your door.

If you need a guaranteed pick-up date for your vehicle, Montway offers expedited shipping services to meet your time-sensitive requirements.

Montway can arrange shipping from/to Hawaii, making it a comprehensive solution for your transportation needs.

Please note that for cancellations, Montway’s policy requires all requests to be submitted in writing to [email protected]. This ensures adherence to their Cancellation Policy and allows for a streamlined and transparent process.

Montway Auto Transport Reviews

  • Montway’s 4.6 on Google is on par with other companies we reviewed. One standout is that they have over double the number of reviews as the next reviewed company (10379).
  • They have an A+ rating the on Better Business Bureau and are accredited.
  • On, an industry website that validates reviewers’ email addresses for accuracy, Montway ranks #5 for 2022.
  • On Central Dispatch, where carriers and brokers rate each other, Montway has a 100% rating on 1630 responses. This indicates good business dealings with partners, not just customers.

Interacting with Montway as a Customer

So, Montway looks really good after researching them. How are they when you begin to interact with them? Let’s find out!

Website and Emails

Montway’s website provides a very user friendly experience. It’s easy to request a quote, and the site has a handy ‘Chat Now’ feature to provide potential customers with quick responses. After requesting a quote on the website, an email came through within minutes that provided the details and cost. It was not immediately clear, from the quote email, what the exact cost breakdown would be. It’s important to know how much of your money goes towards the broker fee, and how much goes to the carrier, along with any extra fees. Be sure to ask your shipping agent what portion of the total rate will go towards their broker fee. 

Calls and Texts

Speaking with Montway on the phone was very easy. The conversation was professional but casual and relaxed simultaneously: no sales gimmicks or pressure. The attendant at Montway kept things simple to understand and only reviewed topics necessary for the customer to know. The conversation was direct and controlled by Montways agent so that, from start to finish, everything was explained calmly and confidently. When a complication was brought up for shipping time, the agent easily explained the resolution without hesitation and showed that their experience in the industry was something the customer could rely on. 

Before getting off the phone, the agent made sure that the customer did not have any questions, which confirmed the confidence that had been building during the conversation that, Montway knows what they are doing and they can do it for you!

Montway's Important Standouts

Montway offers much of the same services as other brokers. Like most brokers, they advertise a broad carrier network, being covered by insurance (the carriers hold it not the broker), and door to door service. They do have a few options that not all brokers have:

  • Option for Guaranteed Pickup date – you pay a premium, but they do offer this.
  • Payment options – they have split and full payment options. The car shipping industry norm is to pay a broker their fee, and to pay the carrier at delivery. There are many scenarios where the person shipping the car to someone else may want to handle all the money: dealerships, parents, etc. Montway calls the split payment a ‘cash discount price’ but in reality the industry norm is this way of paying. Carriers like cash, but Montway for an additional fee will handle everything for you.
  • According to, Montway offers a $250,000 non-deductible insurance of its own if the carrier’s policy doesn’t pay. We aren’t sure how this works, given if it was declined by one insurance company, it will surely be declined by another, but this was a surprise and possibly a nice plus in the event of damage.
  • Easy to get ahold of them – they have extended hours beyond most brokers. Monday through Friday they are available to talk 6am-10pm CST, weekends 7am-9pm CST, and webchat 6am-12am everyday. We think that is the best coverage we have ever seen.

How Montway Auto Transport Compares to Its Competitors

10+ Years Experience

Flexible Shipping Options

A+ on BBB

More Info

Final Thoughts about Montway Auto Transport

Montway is a great broker with a lot of experience and success in the auto transport industry. Their size tends to give them some advantages like the extended office hours which are helpful if things go wrong. They clearly are one of the better brokers in car shipping. Given their strong performance, they have earned a place in our Top 5!

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