The 3 Faces of the Car Shipping Industry and How They Work Together​

Car shipping carriers, brokers, and load boards. These companies play a vital role in vehicle shipping. Understanding the differences between car shipping carriers, brokers, and shipping load boards will help you understand the industry of car shipping and what you should be looking for when shipping your vehicle.


Carriers are the face of the car shipping industry. Auto transport carriers are the companies that actually pick up and deliver your vehicle. These companies pick routes and try to find cars to pick up on that route. If you need to ship your vehicle, you’ll need to find a carrier who is already heading in that direction. That in and of itself can be a daunting task. You also have to keep in mind that all vehicle shipping carriers are not created equal, as they each have unique service offerings, pricing structures, and levels of integrity.

So how do you find the right carrier for you, and also one that is traveling along your desired route? Brokers.


Brokers help customers find carriers that offer the best rates and services. They are customer service specialists coordinating with carrier networks to help customers find the best option and ensure a safe, seamless shipping process. They can help customers compare options and make informed decisions as they are experts in the industry.

A reputable broker is likely to have standardized contracts and high carrier vetting standards, which means you can be sure of a safe and smooth shipping experience from them. Brokers keep car shipping prices low by being competitive with one another, posting jobs to load boards, and acting as the middleman between customer and carrier. This way, they can negotiate the best price for you and provide access to carriers that don’t advertise directly to customers.

Additionally, most brokers have customer service representatives that are available to assist you throughout the car shipping process, which makes it easy for you to make informed decisions. Our site focuses on brokers considering they are the ones you want to work with.

Load Boards

Brokers post vehicles on a load board for carriers to see. Carriers will call on the vehicles they want to pick up. Carriers use these load boards to fill their trucks by working with multiple brokers instead of trying to hunt down customers on their own. Most of these boards are only accessible if you are a broker or carrier.

Load boards also provide essential data for both brokers and carriers. They are able to determine what the current market rate is for a specific size and weight of vehicle, as well as give them information on whether or not the route looks good for you.