What to Expect at Delivery

Your vehicle is in transit, and the next step is to meet the driver at the delivery location! Wondering what to expect  for your car shipping delivery?

What to Do During a Delivery

Delivery should be a very similar process to pick-up. Your driver should contact you 24 hours before your vehicle is delivered to update you on your delivery time. 

Once you both arrive at the designated delivery location, you will pay the driver unless other forms of payment have already been arranged through the car shipping company. He will unload your vehicle and begin another inspection of the vehicle. You need to take this time to inspect the vehicle as well and mention to the driver any damage that you find. All of the damage will be marked on the bill-of-lading (BOL). Once you both have signed the BOL the driver will return your key. That’s it! You’re free to drive off with your vehicle. 

What If There Are Complications

Deliveries usually run very smoothly with auto transport companies. However, if you do run into issues or complications with your car transportation, try to work it out with the carrier. If the two of you are having a difficult time resolving the issue, you can reach out to your auto transport broker for assistance.


If you have any additional questions about what to expect at delivery, make sure you ask your shipping broker. They should be able to help assist you with anything you need through the vehicle transport, providing you with the peace of mind that your car is in good hands. Your auto transport broker should ensure your car shipping delivery goes smoothly, and if not, help when things go wrong.